How much is Boat Insurance in Florida?

You have always dreamt of having your own boat, being able to take her out on the water anytime you want for fishing and nature watching. You’ve always preferred the lurching of the planks as opposed to the steadiness of the ground. Now you are finally going to live out your dream!  Your first boat! Whether it’s a small motorboat or a large impressive yacht, it is yours and you better protect it! Getting Florida boat insurance will protect you if anything happens to her either at the dock or in the sea.

Find a FL boat insurance agent at who will help you create the best policy for you.  If you want to save on your monthly premiums and have some financial padding to absorb small repairs to the ship, then you can choose a policy that is only for larger boat damages. Policies tend to cover physical damages and liability protection.

If you already have Florida boat insurance and you are just renewing it, make sure that the value of your boat is used for calculations is its current one, not the one based on when it was brand new and in top shape.

Important Information to Gather

When searching for quotes, make sure you have the following information: hull size, the purpose of the boat, type of engine and when it was built. Getting the best deal is, of course, is important, but you don’t want to do it at the expense of comprehensive coverage.  A boat is an expensive investment and if something happens to it, you are going to need help to recoup your losses.

Starting with free online quotes will allow you to see all your options clearly, but be careful.  Sometimes these cheaper policies don’t have all the coverage options that you need.  Make sure you comb very carefully through any policy before signing it.

Boats most commonly covered under Florida boat insurance are sailboats and power boats that are usually anywhere from about 17 feet to close to 27 feet in length. Your agent will take into consideration factors like size and where the boat will stay docked. As well what her traveling grounds will most likely be.  Is she a riverboat or will she be heading out to the open ocean? The age of the boat and the experience of the owner are also significant factors as well.

What is Covered under Boat Insurance in Fl?

The physical damage part of your policy is meant to cover the cost on any repair done to your ship’s structure or equipment or to pay for the replacement of the whole vessel or individual parts. This includes any furnishings on board, the sails, any onboard appliances or machinery.  Your boat trailer would be included as well, but any personal effects you are storing on board would have to be covered under a different policy.

Liability-wise your policy will cover you if your boat collides with another vessel causing damage or injury or if something happens to a guest while on your boat. You will also want protection from other boaters who do not have insurance according to You will enjoy your boat more when you can set sail under the protection of Florida boat insurance.