Law of the Web

A Field Guide to Internet Publishing

by Jonathan D. Hart

Published by Bradford Publishing

Since the beginning of the Internet’s public use, its’ misconceptions or myths of legal use in various issues has always been a debate. In the past 5 years, more and more legal professionals have ventured into the new media to set the ground rules for the future. As we enter the second decade of an electronic “freeforall”, many who dodge and evade the legal ways of conducting business, or who simply have a presence online are learning frightfully expensive lessons for their lack of knowledge. This book is, in my opinion an essential tool for anyone participating in any online capacity. It covers all subjects from “freedom of speech” to “ Internet taxation” . In between, the vast majority of relevant legal cases are outlined and explained in Layman’s terms.

The biggest issues of interest will depend on your involvement.

Copyright , Trademark , Spam Email, Defamation, Data Collection & Privacy, Jurisdiction, Website Access, E Contracts…….

APIC-Worldwide is proud to have been asked to review this book. We have taken an active and sometimes controversial position since 1996 that has predicted many of the cases now tried and settled. We are not lawyers, we are creators, and business professionals whose work has always depended upon many of the laws that will continue to dictate how publishing must be preserved. Our goals have been to enlighten, share knowledge, and preserve the artistic industry.

This is not a paid advertisement, or a sales commission link. It is simply APIC’s first opportunity to share with the Internet Community a tool that will certainly help you to prevail in your online business without unnecessary legal risks. Proof that for those who believe they can play by their own rules, time is running out.

Bradford Publishing has provided an unequaled educational service, that will update bi-annually online and annually with each edition.

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