Digital Piracy and Economics

Since the 50’s, Motion Pictures have been the U.S. biggest financial export. Movies were produced with finances from ancillary rights sold in many languages. Many people made a living from just negotiating and securing these usage rights as well as producing the films in other languages. Many people were involved in worldwide marketing, Television and after the 60’s the rights to distribute home videos on tape.

Digital technology has now destroyed millions of jobs, billions of dollars in sales, and billions in support industries and communities where location filming takes place. From caterers to clean up crew, to drivers, to porta pottie rentals, the domino effect is endless.

Music is part of everyone’s life. The music industry in every form has been raped and pillaged by digital piracy. Artists can no longer seek funding from record deals as record companies are no longer able to help until an artist becomes successful on his/her own. Finances from CD sales is 1/10th of what is stolen.

The Software industry is another devastating scenario falling prey to conspiracy of support to theft. No sooner is a program available, it is copied and illegally distributed.

Games, Photos, Videos, Magazines, Books, Art, Graphics, Ideas, are routinely stolen every minute of every day.

The piracy business is in full swing and being overlooked by the ignorance of Governments who are blaming economic failure on war and oil and mortgages. Politicians are routinely 50 to 60 year olds in the law trade, the very least of who are Internet savvy or have a clue about what goes on outside of traditional government.

File hosting, the latest rampant scheme spawned by an erroneous decision by a federal judge who had zero knowledge of the issues. Viacom hired a law firm who presented an inadequate case to an inadequate court and got an inadequate ruling. Immediately upon the published results, File Hosts sprang up all over and using robotic systems, ripped every bit of intellectual property from other sources including each other.

These File Hosts are profitable without merchant accounts, availing financial gain to anyone with no background investigations or legal recourse. They are hosted by ISPs who use loopholes in laws that claim they are not liable. All financial support is provided by the largest money exchanger online PPal….

More than 30,000 legal notices regarding these operations have been electronically delivered to PPal with proof of receipt.

All governments are now aware of these schemes.

If you are a producer of any creative property, it is highly recommended that you take the necessary steps to learn how to control distribution of your property.

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