Steve Easton is a World renowned erotic and glamour photographer whose work has appeared in most major magazines around the World. Steve’s work with copyright infringement in this arena is internationally recognized and proves that copyright can be controlled in the most hostile of environments.

APIC WORLDWIDE is not an organization dedicated to censorship, nor do we believe that censorship is a good foundation for the future of any part of this world. However we as adults must begin to take responsibility for the privileges that are being taken away from us by the leaders we elect.

We are given these freedoms because we fought for them, and yet we allow our freedoms to be destroyed by not regulating them as responsible adults.

The Internet has been in operation long before it was given as a gift to us for bettering our lives in many ways. And like our cities, highways, lakes and oceans, we are destroying it with garbage, rather than building futures for our kids.

I believe in freedom, I fought for it, and would fight for it again. I also believe in the future, which is determined by the actions of the present no doubt. Our future as adults, is in jeopardy because some of us have decided to abuse the freedom we have been blessed with, and give cause to censorship.

APIC is not about censorship. It is about being responsible and caring enough about life and freedom and honesty, that censorship will never become reality.

As long as we allow people to destroy industries such as the Internet, we will pay the price of lost freedom. Regulation has its purpose. Freedom is given to us so that we can govern our own limits. Forcing our beliefs on others is not responsible. Allowing children to view pornography is not responsible. Theft of property is not responsible.

The future of the Internet is definitely at stake, but for no other reason than the fact that those operating these businesses have abused the freedom they take for granted. You are urged to become an upstanding Internet contributor. Fight to keep this freedom as some of you have fought in the past. Fight by being responsible and doing what is best for the backbone of the future – OUR KIDS.

Steve Easton

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