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APIC WORLDWIDE is dedicated to the continued education of Internet copyright law and enforcement of such law through the co-operation of international, domestic, federal, state, and local statutes, laws, and ordinances.

Membership is open to all who are concerned about copyright protection, including photographers, distributors of images, video, film, literature and other intellectual property, movie producers, musicians, record producers and publishers, as well as websites concerned about copyright infringement.

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Copyright protects original works of expression. These works include:


Dramatic, including accompanying music,

pantomimes and choreographic,

Pictorial, graphic and sculptural.

Motion pictures and other audiovisual

sound recordings, and



Proving copyright infringement on-line is not difficult, and digital watermarking may make this task even easier. For example, where a webmaster simply scans photographs from a commercial magazine and includes them on a web site, a court can easily recognize the similarity between the hard copy and digital versions. In one recent case, in Playboy v. Webbworld, a federal court in Texas found the operator of a web site liable for copyright infringement where the web site included photographs that had appeared in...  (more)


Webmasters Held Personally Responsible!

The Interaction of Digital Watermarking and Copyright Law...

Even prior to the recent introduction of digital watermarks and tracking technologies, webmasters have been found liable for copyright infringement on-line. The new software and services seem likely only to increase the frequency with which copyright owners will pursue Internet infringement. Already, some lessons are emerging from the case law.

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APIC WORLDWIDE Membership is strictly controlled and monitored. Membership of APIC WORLDWIDE not only helps in the protection of your intellectual property, but places you in an ethical organization that is unequalled anywhere on the Internet.  (more)

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Three Important Copyright Points:


Digital Piracy And Economics

Since the 50's, Motion Pictures have been the U.S. biggest financial export.